Advertising With Vinyl Banners - How to Use Business Banners

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Promotional activities are a must if you are planning to launch a new business. It is a great idea to get an outdoor vinyl banner for your product or service. It not only attracts eyeballs but also boosts sales easily and quickly. It is not only enough to get an outdoor vinyl banner, it is equally important to have it in a way that boosts the campaign and gets you the maximum benefits. So make sure you follow these pointers before you go ahead with a banner for your business.

Vinyl Banners

The three best places to have your outdoor vinyl banners are: high-traffic intersections, busy shopping districts and places your target customer base is known to frequent. Don’t have a vinyl banner inside a mall or a shopping complex as that will expose it to a limited number of people. The problem with most banner marketing campaigns is that they don’t incorporate strategic placement to get the most targeted views, and thus don’t generate the highest return on investment. So instead of having your outdoor banners are sports events or concerts, have them at places where people don’t have anything else to look at, so they would surely observe your banners.

Follow these steps to start your business campaign with vinyl banners

Start your campaign with a time limited offer for your customers. Design and print a vinyl custom banners talking about the same in an attractive manner. Place these banners on the busiest crossroads in your city and also outside the shopping complexes. Know your target audience and place the banners at the places they are known to frequent. Observe the results of the advertisement and record the sales and conclude which areas yielded the best results. In the nest month or the next promotional campaign, make sure to have a vinyl banner on the location which yielded the best results.

BannerBuzz now Recognized as a Google Trusted Store

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BannerBuzz, an online vinyl banner superstore offering high-quality customized products at wholesale prices, was recently selected to join the Google Trusted Stores program. As a result, BannerBuzz now displays the Google Trusted Store badge on its website. This badge is awarded to e-commerce sites that demonstrate a proven track record of reliable on-time shipping and excellent customer service, so that shoppers can buy with confidence.

Google Trusted Stores

By hovering over the Google Trusted Store badge, BannerBuzz customers can see metrics demonstrating the store’s shipping and customer service performance. This helps BannerBuzz customers know they are buying from a store that provides a consistently positive shopping experience.

As a Google Trusted Store, BannerBuzz customers now also have the option of selecting free purchase protection from Google. Then, if a problem arises with their purchase, they can request Google’s help, and Google will work with BannerBuzz and the customer to address the issue. As part of this benefit, Google offers up to $1,000 in lifetime purchase protection for eligible purchases.

The Google Trusted Stores program not only benefits BannerBuzz customers, it will also help BannerBuzz attract new customers, increase sales and differentiate itself from its competitors, which are goals BannerBuzz has always sought to achieve. In fact, the BannerBuzz vision is to be the supplier of choice for online banners by generating the highest customer satisfaction through quality workmanship at the lowest prices.

BannerBuzz, now in its fourth year, draws from its parent company’s 20-plus years of print shop experience. BannerBuzz is widely known for its customized vinyl banners, created by on-staff professional designers, using durable materials and cutting-edge printing processes. But the company also offers the capabilities to meet a wide array of other signage needs including vinyl lettering, vinyl decals for windows and automobiles, perforated window signs allowing one-way vision, yard signs and more.

The company prides itself on being able to meet these needs quickly. Banners are generally printed 24 to 48 hours after the proof is approved.

Because BannerBuzz deals in such large volumes, it is able to offer a 100-percent price guarantee. If customers can find a better published price, BannerBuzz will not only match the price, they will take an additional 10 percent off the order.

It is this commitment to customer satisfaction that has earned BannerBuzz the distinction of being a Google Trusted Store. To find out more about BannerBuzz, visit

Magnetic Signs Are Just One Way to Effectively Market Your Brand

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Freedom of speech and expression is a basic right of every human being. It is said that every human brain is different from another, which implies every human has a different opinion. It is very important to have an opinion as it defines and speaks a lot about your personality.

Magnetic Signs

Making a style statement even adds to your personality and makes you stand out in a crowd. How about bumper magnetic stickers on your car? This will help you get your message across wherever you go. It's very easy to remove is off the surface once you decide to do away with it and get a new one.

Magnetic Stickers

Messages like "If you lived in your car, you would be home by now" or "This vehicle breaks for.... Oh, no! No brakes!" are funny and makes a cool style statement. Most of the magnetic signs have very nice sarcastic one liner which is loved by all. Basically, you need to have something which can strike a chord with everyone who reads it.

Vehicle Magnetic Signs

They need to be eye popping ones or should have bright vibrant colors which makes them visible from even at a distance. If the message is a catchy one, people will surely read it and your vehicle will stand out.If you have a junky car and have been driving it since a long time, bumper stickers are a great investment. They go very well with your car and its look if it’s junky. However, if you have a brand new car and want to get yourself noticed by speaking your mind, going for car magnetic signs with a message which suits your style and humor is a great idea.

Making Vinyl Banner Advertising For Business Promotion

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Vinyl banners are the most popular banners today. They are seen on roads, hotels, streets, houses, buildings, towers and even on trees! They are catchy and helpful to get the attention of people because of their quality and visibility. However, there are few pointers to keep in mind before advertising with the vinyl banners:

•  Get information: You should know your statistics well. How many people frequent the road or the street during the peak hours and what are the kind of work places around? Also, the visibility of your vinyl banner from different angles plays an important role in the message reaching out of a larger number of people.

•  Change the banner time to time: Change out your vinyl banner at least once a month to capture the attention of your existing and prospective customers. Vary your message according to the upcoming season or festival.

•  Advertise promotions:  Don’t assume your customers know your specials. Let them know about it.

•  Differentiate yourself:  Use your vinyl banner to communicate to your customers what differentiates your business from your competition.

•  Use your creativity: Creativity on the banner is going to get it noticed like nothing else, after all. So get this basic rule straight and get creative!

Vinyl Banners come in a wide variety including Outdoor, Backlit, Billboard printing, Mesh, Cloth/Fabric, Canvas, Step & Repeat and Custom designed vinyl banners. One has a choice to choose any of these types of vinyl for their advertising needs and to get their message across. Vinyl banners can help businesses to easily attract customers because of they come in a variety of designs and as well as sizes. No matter what business you are in, you can easily find banners that will be able to effectively portray the right image for your business and make it stand out from the rest. Create unique and innovative custom banners that will pull in the crowd and make them fall in love with your products.

There are quite a few ways to use vinyl banners effectively. The outdoor type of banners is the most affordable and even effective. They are widely used in trade shows, exhibitions, churches, birthdays, worship, welcome signs, yard signs, window decals, vinyl posters and lots more. Vinyl banners are long lasting whether used indoors or outdoors. They are made with high quality materials which resist any outside elements and weather conditions. The ink used on these banners is UV-resistant, does not fade away due to sunlight can or other harsh weather conditions. This therefore ensures long term functionality. They can easily last for as long as more than five years.

BannerBuzz makes great quality vinyl banners which are sure to give your banners the visibility for advertising and the buzz for the product in the market!

Visit to start the buzz today itself!

BannerBuzz: Your best guide to Ordering Printed Banners

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Banners are the best way to seek attention and jump your business with the latest product information, company introduction and message. When coming to choosing a banner from wide range of the materials available are you sure what you’re looking after? The Vinyl banners are one of the best way to put your business into the marketplace.

Over the last few years all the companies are looking for the different ways on how to make the product more visible to the users via various marketing strategy. Out of all the Vinyl banners are the most effective and creates more impact if placed and right place and printed with good graphics with the brief product information than the other marketing strategy. Every type of different custom banners have their different assets and flaw yet they are completely different from each other depending on the use of it.

Why should I go for vinyl banners with Bannerbuzz? The answer is that you get the size whatever you want there’s no limitations how big the banner you want. With all weather material and ink are used to manufacture the Vinyl banners that keeps your product and company’s name going without bump throughout the year.

The vinyl banners comes with the option of 13oz and 15 oz (upgrade) vinyl/flex material and matte finish for non-reflection of light materials for viewing angles with digital printer that prints the graphics from 720 to 1440 dpi resolution giving you the graphics output.

Our Eco-solvent printing using outdoor ink suitable for outdoor banners comes with one year warranty for ink and material. We also provide finishing options of HEM: Hot air welding, Stitch: Single Stitching with Nylon thread, Flash Cut: Straight cut, Grommets: metal Grommets and Pockets: 1.5 inches to 2 inches tube that allows the pole to pass through with no extra charges.

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Magnetic Signs Can Do a Great Deal of Really Good To Your Business

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When you hear ‘advertising’ do bells ring in your head? Do you assume it’s going to cost you a lot of money? Maybe you are not ready to rake out the bucks? But that’s no reason to worry. There are magnetic signs to save you out of such a situation!

Magnetic Signs can be put on cars, fleet cars, trucks, SUVs, boats or even doors of your store. They can be put up easily and you will not even require a professional to do it for you. You can put it up yourself by simply following the installation guidelines and can also be take it off with equal convenience. Magnetic Signs can be customized. That is, you can get these signs of the size that you require, though there are standard sizes available which may cost you lesser than a custom sized magnetic sign. Also, you can have your own custom content in full color, which means that you can put your business logo in actual colors, your business contact information, any important announcements, or simply personal announcements  like ‘just married’, or ‘baby on board’, or just something funny like ‘you are following the winner’.

Magnetic Signs

However, Vehicle Magnetic Signs are the most effective for business promotion. You can put up these signs on any or all your cars so more people are likely to read them compared to routine advertising like newspaper or television. The simple reason for this being, the magnetic signs are always there on your vehicle. So if you are stuck in traffic, or at the signal, or parked anywhere, or simply in transit, more number of people are likely to notice and read these signs.

Magnetic Stickers

The best part about magnetic signs is that they do not damage the paint of your vehicle when removed. Taking off magnetic car signs is as easy as it is installing them. Also, taking them off is so smooth that it leaves not even a scratch on your car paint. This makes it convenient to change the signs as when required. You could also take off the signs and reinstall them on any other vehicle if required. Magnetic signs are made on 3 mm thick high quality combination of materials and are printed using high quality printing techniques. The corners of these signs are rounded on all four sides so that they do not fly off the speeding vehicle and remain stuck on it. If these signs are maintained and cleaned properly by following the instruction manual for maintenance, then their life is extended up to three years.

Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Stickers

Vehicle Magnetic Signs

At BannerBuzz, professional designers work closely to design the most appropriate design for your magnetic signs, Magnetic Stickers & Vehicle Magnetic Signs Orders with BannerBuzz come with 100% price and quality guarantee and some orders qualify for free shipping as well. They have a quick turnaround time, so getting your magnetic car signs is as easy as a few clicks.

Vinyl Advertising Banners as a Great Promotional Sales Strategy

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When it comes to getting your message out to the masses, no other marketing tool gives you so much for your money as vinyl banners. They are big, bright, and immediate. So everybody passing by can’t help but notice.

 Fastest, Most Inexpensive Vinyl Banners

Fastest, Most Inexpensive Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners can be created quickly, yet inexpensively. They’re lightweight and portable, but durable enough to withstand outdoor weather conditions.  As a result, vinyl banners can go just about anywhere. They no longer are limited to trade shows. The most popular uses include banners for:

  • Arts, Music, and Entertainment (concerts, gallery walks, music lessons, plays and musicals, tickets)
  • Businesses (automotive lots, contact info, grand openings, logos,marketing messages and tag lines,retail promotions and sales)
  • Community Activities (festivals, fund raisers, political gatherings)
  • Events (anniversaries, birthdays, church picnics, holidays, reunions, weddings)
  • Real Estate (for rent, for sale, open house, sold)
  • Sports (team names, tournaments, tryouts)

Highest Quality Vinyl Banners

At, printing banners is what we live and breathe. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship. We start with a sturdy, resilient fabric and employ the latest digital printing techniques with high-quality UV-resistant inks to produce your design. You have the option of submitting your own design, or you can have our professional design team create one at no extra charge.

Highest Quality Vinyl Banners

If you want, we will send you a full-color proof – FREE – for your approval within 24 hours. Once we get your approval, we generally print your banner within 24 to 48 hours. While many online printers restrict the number of colors, photos, and graphics you can include, at BannerBuzz we have no limits. We can print as many colors as you want! We can even print vertical banners or put two banners together so you can display a message on both sides.  If you can dream it, we can do it.

The banner is then finished by hemming all four sides and inserting grommets every few feet for hanging.

 More About Vinyl Banners

100 Percent Price Guarantee

Lowest Price Banners @

We give you all this for the best price in the business … we guarantee it. If you can find a better published price anywhere, we will not only match that price, we will give you an additional 10 percent discount off your order.

 The Value and Versatility of Vinyl Banners from BannerBuzz result in one more “V” – Very Satisfied Customers. We are eager to earn your satisfaction. Please free to call us at 800-580-4489 or email us at

Colorful and Cost-Effective Vinyl Banners at BannerBuzz

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Banners are one of the oldest forms of advertising. And they have stood the test of time … for good reason. Vinyl Banners are effective, eye-catching, and inexpensive. One of the most popular types of banners are those made of vinyl, which adds another benefit – durability. They often last for years and can be used indoors or outdoors in a wide array of applications, including businesses, churches, communities, holidays, parties, schools, and tradeshows.

Lowest prices, guaranteed!

There are literally hundreds of websites selling banners … so if you need a banner, where do you begin your search? No matter where you start, you won’t need to shop further than BannerBuzz. Our one-stop online banner superstore offers the lowest prices anywhere for all your signage needs. Guaranteed!  Our large volume enables us to offer unsurpassed wholesale deals. If you find a better published price, BannerBuzz will not only match it, we will give you an additional 10 percent off the price of your order.

Lowest Price Banners @

Quality workmanship

But even more important than our pricing is the professionalism you can count on at BannerBuzz. We draw from 20 years of print shop experience and produce our banners on heavy 13-ounce material using high-quality digital printing techniques. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and stand behind our work. If you discover any errors in the material, design, or printing, your order will be fully refunded or reproduced and shipped at no additional cost to you.

Custom banners and signs

We also make it easy for you to order custom sizes and custom designs for vinyl banners and signs. If your artwork is camera ready, you can simply upload it with our user-friendly Banner Design Tool. If you don’t feel comfortable creating your own designs, our professional design team will work with you to design your banner and lay it out totally free of charge. In either case, we can supply you with a design proof to ensure accuracy at no extra cost.

All Types Of Banners and Signs @

Fast turnaround

Besides all those benefits, we offer fast turnaround. Banners are generally printed in 24 to 48 hours after the proof is approved. We offer low flat-rate shipping anywhere in the United States, plus we ship internationally.

Customer satisfaction

And if those aren’t enough reasons to check out BannerBuzz, just take a look at the many testimonials on our website. Our customers, themselves, tell you why you won’t find a better source for designing and printing custom banners, signs, decals, lettering, and more … and why they keep coming back to BannerBuzz.

Christmas Banners Give Shape to Your Christmas Salling

by Banner Buzz on December 19, 2011 3 Comments

Christmas is one occasion that demands a lot of activities. The economy seems to be in its robust best and sales and purchase reaches its peak. You might see Christmas banners cropping up everywhere. Even if you have only a small business, Christmas is such a time that you get the maximum sales. Designing some Christmas banners can be a great help for you in doing a good business in the season. However, just make sure that you have taken care of the following aspects that make any Christmas banners to look seamless.

† The Theme of Christmas Banners †

 Well, without the Christmas theme, your Christmas banners are useless. Find out what is appropriate. Images of Santa, gifts, angels, reindeer, snowflakes, stars and bells are a must on your Christmas banners no matter you use it for Christmas sales or for wishing your beloved ones the “Merry X-Mas”, it just do the wonder. Now, it is your responsibility to choose and incorporate these Christmas images in your Christmas banners. Be innovative and do the best to bring the festivity and fervor and of course do not forget to highlight the offers and discounts—well, you know it better, those are the things that going to boost your sales up!!!

† Color Theme of Xmas Banners †

Do you really need an explanation on the color theme of Christmas? Each of us knows that the marveling red, ever smoothing green and wholesome snow white are the colors of Christmas. Make sure that you have blended these colors together to bring the season’s flavor. A banner maker is aware of the color theme for sure and of course, they will have an array of sample Christmas custom banners and you can choose the right design and pattern as per your taste.

† Quality Christmas Banners †


 Though banners are easily available, quality is one thing that often comes as a matter of concern. You should rely on quality materials like vinyl for the banners. Vinyl banners endow you with the quality that you look for. What’s more, the Christmas vinyl banners that you design either for sales or for conveying Christmas messages, just allow you the right possible things because these material is used for high quality printing. The digital printing on vinyl material permits the finest image quality.

 † Choose the Catchy Text and Message on Banners †

Well, you are making not just Christmas banner, church banners, or a worship banner, what you ultimately look for is hiking your Christmas sales. Therefore, you should find out the best sales jargon besides including the cheery Christmas greetings and wishes. And certainly, you know well what to talk about your products or services.

† Placing of Your Banners †

You must know that where to place these Christmas sales banners. Strategic points like places near to church, market, schools, are the best places to display your Christmas outdoor banners. Let the crowd know about your Christmas season sales and let your self to make the most of the hiking economic activities of the winter season!

Christmas Banners - Creating an Eye-Catching Advertising

by Banner Buzz on December 6, 2011 1 Comment

The arrival of Christmas reminds you of several things that are associated with this most awaited festive season. Santa Claus, Gifts, Christmas Trees, Yummy Cakes, Greeting Cards, and many more cherished moments with your friends and family and of course, there is no end to it!! You like to go on a shopping spree and buy all wanted and even unwanted things too!! However, you know that these are the things which going to brew up your Christmas celebration and holidaying to the hilt. Decorating home, gateway, pathway, hall, is something that you never want to stay away from. Merry Christmas banners just help you in sprucing up the decoration and make it more interesting.

Needless to say, Banners are able to be seen in every nook and corner of your locality just before the onset of the Christmas season. You might come across a number of Merry Christmas banners in and around your locality. You might see them as sales banners saying “sales up to 50%” or Happy Holiday Banners, Best Wishes Banners, Greeting Banners, Holy Night Banners and so on. It is so wonderful to view these Xmas banners as it stay as a material that smarten up your home and the surrounding area. Such many different decorative items actually add to the overall festivity and this make you feel that, yeah, the time of the years has arrived”!!

If you are one who wishes for decorating your hall or gateway with Christmas banners that is going to be an absolute decoration accessory for you. Choosing Christmas vinyl banners help you in many ways than one! You can customize them and can design your Christmas banners as you want. Whether it is Christmas sales banner or a “let It Snow Banners” you don’t need to toil yourself too much because the custom banners will let you to design your banners as per prerequisites. Also, you will have an array of premade banners and if you wish you can derive idea from those sample banners. After all, bringing that look and feel to your interior too requires your right judgment and creativity. However, look for some quality material like vinyl and this material will allow you a rough and easy handling. They are lightweight and resilient so that there is less chance of getting damaged easily.

Finally, you may wonder about the images that you want to use on your Christmas banner. You have several Christmas images around. While Santa Claus and Christmas trees are the commonly used images for Christmas Vinyl Banners, going for images from popular Christmas-themed movies (for instance, the movie “A White Christmas”) would be great and distinctively different!

Make your Christmas so special with Christmas Banners this time. With the imaginative planning, appropriate materials, and right approach, Christmas Church Banners are a great way to beautify the church on Christmas. Banners are really very helpful for function identity; it will create an impact to public for a long time

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